Perhaps you saw it on Instagram or heard about it from a friend. In 2018, The Bubble Tap Trailer exploded onto the scene and took the beverage and events world by storm. In less than two years, The Bubble Tap Trailer has been shared on social media by thousands of people, participated in and produced hundreds of events and expanded into multiple markets. An unparalleled marketing strategy combined with a thoughtful financial structure has made The Bubble Tap Trailer an exciting and attractive investment opportunity. Continue reading to learn more about our licensing opportunities with Tap Trailer Co.


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    Why Bubble Tap?

    According to Town & Country Magazine, “Pulling taps is the new popping bottles!”

    With the influx of mobile bars, in particular bubbly, popping up across the globe in recent years, you may be asking yourself, “Why Bubble Tap Trailer?” Let us share with you the keys to our success that have lead to our recognition as the premier mobile bar brand on the market today.

    It's All In The Details

    The Bubble Tap Trailer attracts a discerning clientele who seek to provide a unique and elevated aesthetic and experience for their guests and delivers it in an understated, elegant fashion. We have perfected the art of delivering the perfect glass of bubbly in bulk fashion through our mobile channel, no small feat unto itself.

    The design is purposely and authentically retro. All Bubble Tap Trailers come complete with a photo booth, so clients do not have to choose between their favorite beverage and capturing the unforgettable moments of their event. Compare that to other oversized trucks and trailers you see dotting the streets and you can understand the excitement that The Bubble Tap Trailer has created. The Bubble Tap Trailer is lightweight, compact, and can be easily maneuvered to fit into almost any venue, and we can scale our delivery to meet the small private events to large public festivals.

    The Bubble Tap experience is unique and unparalleled. Just ask our clients!

    Thoughtful Financial Structure

    The #1 challenge for small businesses is lack of capital and ability to scale growth. There are many great business concepts that never leave the paper because of a lack of funding. Hence, the popularity of Shark Tank! In developing this concept was the absolute necessity to generate and grow profits without having to continually raise capital. In this manner, The Bubble Tap Trailer was designed with almost total variable costs and little fixed costs.

    Unrivaled Marketing Strategy

    Since its inception in 2018, marketing and branding have been a top priority for Tap Trailer Co. After all, a strategic marketing and branding strategy is the foundation of any successful brand.

    Headquartered in Los Angeles, the epicenter of the entertainment industry, Tap Trailer Co. has leveraged its access to celebrities and media whose influence reaches far beyond our own backyard. Franchisees have the luxury of leveraging our relationships with trendsetters and tastemakers. Clients include Gwyneth Paltrow, Kate Hudson, Nike, Pantene, and Dollar Shave Club, among countless other notable names and faces.

    Celebrity Partner

    Tap Trailer Co. partner, Lance Bass, is the quintessential illustration of a highly successful and driven jack-of-all-trades. Beyond his fame as a member of the phenomenally successful musical group *NSYNC, Bass has made himself a household name as a host, actor, producer, writer, entrepreneur, and philanthropist. With countless career highlights spanning the past 20 years, Bass has expanded his accomplishments into multiple entertainment mediums and business ventures, including Tap Trailer Co. where he serves as a spokesperson and active partner.

    Ongoing Support

    We live by the belief that your success is our success. Therefore, we provide our franchisees with enhanced support including thorough trailer and tap system training, ongoing bar catering education, marketing and public relations support, sales training, promotional assets, weekly Google hangouts (we love to chat with our licensees!) and more!

    Products & Services

    These are just a few of the product and service offerings you will be able to offer as a Tap Trailer Co. franchisee!

    Bubble Tap Trailer

    Rent your Bubble Tap Trailer (and other mobile products coming soon!) for private and public events


    Build an inventory of rentals (e.g. glassware, decor, etc.) for additional revenue. It’s a natural upsell!

    Bar Catering & Consulting

    Full bar catering and consulting services for private events and celebrations

    Custom Beverage Experiences

    Got an eye for design? Offer custom bar design and experiences to service high-end events

    Bar Operations

    Run bar operations for large scale, public events, and festivals for a day, weekend, or month!

    First Option For New Products

    As a Tap Trailer Co. licensee, you will get first right of refusal on all new Tap Trailer Co. products releases

    From Our Clients

    Listen to what some of our clients have to say about their Bubble Tap experience.

    Thank you all for your wonderful hard work for the holiday party this Friday! It was a huge success and none of it would have been possible without you. We are so lucky to have worked with such incredibly talented people who know how to bring a vision into an amazing experience and memory for all.

    Clare Davis, Harper Sloane Productions

    Awesome event! Thank you, ladies!!! Will definitely hire again. 🙂 In a few weeks, in fact!

    Kristin Twombly, Capital Group

    Bubble Tap Trailer is THE BEST!!! Tami was so wonderful to work with and brought such a positive and bright spirit to our event. She helped guests get their champagne and rose and everyone had a blast! Thank you again Tami and the Bubble Tap team for supporting our very first Influencer Series KC, it was a major success! Thank you!!

    Heather Coday, Heather Lane Events

    As an event planner, I love having a moment of novelty and whimsy (bonus: with alcohol!) at my parties. Bubble Tap fills that niche perfectly, and I have loved working with Tami! Guests have had so much fun with the concept, and there are a million ways to make it unique to each party!

    Sarah Radasky, Sarah Allen Preston Designs

    You and Bubble Tap are the BEST!!! EVER!!! EVERYONE LOVED IT!!!!!! OMG!!!!! Thanks again!! LOOOOOVED working with you!!!

    Steve Kemble, Designer, Leanne Locken's Wedding


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