Meet The Bubble Tap Mixologists


A native New Yorker from a second-generation Italian-American family, Alyssa will always make sure there’s a drink on her (or your) table.

When she’s not serving up beautiful drinks for Bubble Tap, she’s perfecting her Italian/New York accent, cooking pasta sauce, and hugging all the dogs.


East Coast born and raised, football aficionado (go PACK go!), music lover and food connoisseur; our mixologist Jasmine is the go-to for all things entertainment!

Want to add a theatrical flair to your mixology session? Jasmine is your girl!


Chances are, if you like Country music, Las Vegas and a good ol’ time, Pete Mata is the mixologist for you!

When Pete is not working in the beverage industry, he spends his time songwriting in Nashville and dirt biking in Long Beach. Trust us, you will be in for a great time. BONUS TIP: You might even get him to sing!


What do Miss Wyoming, sommeliers, and safaris have in common? THIS GIRL RIGHT HERE.

From placing second on CBS’s big brother (season 21) to helping start a successful wine tour company (and creating some of the worst dad jokes we’ve ever heard), we can promise that you will stay entertained if you choose Holly.

We can't wait to mix it up with you! #BUBBLETAPTHAT