frequently asked questions


Do you require a minimum order?

We fulfill orders of all sizes – from one to 1,000! We do require a minimum order of $1,000 in order to include the live mixology session at no additional cost. If your order falls below our minimum, we simply charge a flat fee for the session.

How many attendees can I have?

As many as your platform will allow!

Can guests choose different cocktails?

All guests must receive the same cocktails.

How are boxes and shipping billed?

In order to confirm your mixology session, boxes must be paid for in full. Shipping is billed after boxes are sent out.

Does the price include shipping?

Shipping is additional and depends on the location of each recipient and service you choose (ground, 2-day, 3-day, etc). We bill for shipping after the boxes have been shipping and UPS has submitted your final adjusted bill. You receive the added bonus of access to our business rates. Typically, we see rates fall between $15 – $25 for ground service but can be more depending on the exact location of the recipient.

What are current ship times?

Ship times vary greatly on the location of each recipient and no shipping carriers are guaranteeing ship times during COVID. We also have to allow for longer transit times during the holidays. However, as a rule of thumb, we allow 7-10 days for Ground service but prefer that you send 2-day or 3-day.

Where do you ship?

We ship within the United States. For international guests, we suggest sending them a gift card so they can purchase ingredients from a grocery delivery app or store in their area.

When do I need to submit my list of guests and their addresses?

We need all addresses of attendees one-week prior to the ship date.

How long is the mixology session and what does it include?

The total time of the mixology session depends on the number of cocktails you choose. We allow for 8-10 minutes to make the cocktail and an additional 5 minutes (or so) for questions. If we are making more than one cocktail, we suggest allowing roughly 20-30 minutes in between for guests to enjoy their beverage. You are welcome to use that time however you’d like. You can use it for company announcements, awards, to play a game (we offer trivia!) or simply to socialize.
1 Cocktail – 30 minutes
2 Cocktails – 60 minutes
3 Cocktails – 90 minutes

Can we include branded company items?

Yep! Simply send them to us and we are happy to include them in the box. If the items are larger than the standard box we use, you will be billed for an upgraded box size.

What do guests need for the session?

Prior to your mixology session, we will provide you with a prep email to send to clients that include whatever bar and glassware they need. It is ideal for guests to be in or near a kitchen but not necessary.

Who provides the log in link for the session?

We require all clients to handle the tech aspect of the event and provide us with the appropriate login info.

What platform do you use?

We are happy to use whatever platform you prefer! We have used Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Team, Cisco Webex and more.

Anything else I should know?

If you are not going to allow for an open forum, it helps to have a moderator not only field questions but interact with the mixologist. A straight mixology presentation can feel a bit stale and boring to guests. Let people have fun with it!