Contact your local Bubble Tap representative to place your order between November 2nd and December 15th. Orders can be sent past December 15th but deliverability is not guaranteed.

Step 1: Choose Your Cocktails

2 Cocktails + Goodies│$99
3 Cocktails + Goodies│$129
Plus shipping or delivery

Winter-Spiced Pear Cocktail

pear, lemon, agave, cinnamon, star anise, vegan ‘egg white’ foam
preferred spirit: gin

Apple Spiced Whiskey Sour

apple cider, spiced agave syrup, lemon, bitters
preferred spirit: bourbon

Pomegranate Bitter Paloma

pomegranate, lime, agave, bitters, pink himalayan salt
preferred spirit: tequila or mezcal

Dirty Chai Martini

chai, plant-based milk, maple syrup, pink himalayan salt, espresso, star anisa
preferred spirit: vodka

Spiced Persimmon Bourbon Old Fashioned

persimmon, clementine, lemon, orange bitters, clove, star anise
preferred spirit: bourbon

Persimmon Cardamom Paloma

persimmon, vanilla, cardamom, agave, lemon
preferred spirit: tequila

Spiced Daiquiri

aged rum, sweet spice demerara syrup, lime
preferred spirit: rum

Holiday-Spiced Sangria

lemon, orange, honey, ginger
preferred spirit: grenache, vs cognac

The Goodies

Just a few of the extras included in your box. Extras are subject to availability and may be substituted.

Collectible Bubble Tap Holiday Box with Wreath Adornment

Collectible Holiday Tossware Glass

Brass Jigger

Artisanal Nuts & Crackers

Sweet Treats


Step 4: Add Bar or Glassware

Add any of the barware or glassware below to your box

Boston Shaker


Japanese Style Jigger




Mesh Sieve Strainer


Julep Strainer


Mixing Glass


Collins Glass


Coupe Glass


Rocks Glass