Blanc de Franc, Field Recordings, Paso Robles ($960)

This sparkling rose of Cabernet Franc was crafted using the ancestral method, Petillant Naturel. The creation of this wine requires perfect timing. It must be captured in a bottle at just the right level of natural sugar so it is perfectly carbonated upon release. Much different than typical sparkling wines, the finished wine has a unique raw character, loaded with energy and charisma.

Carletto Prosecco, Candoni Wines, Italy ($700)

An elegant and pleasant sparkling wine with a light golden straw color, delicate nose and fresh crisp taste of green apple. Its slightly sweet nature is balanced by moderate acidity and light bubbles. Geographically, Prosecco is associated with the hills in the Northern region of Italy known as the Veneto region. The unique soils and microclimates of the area are perfect for cultivating the Prosecco grape. This wine was produced using the Charmat method, in which secondary fermentation took place in stainless steel tanks to guarantee a cleaner finish.

Eufloria, Banfi Wines, Washington State ($950)

This wine is a secret blend made from the finest aromatic grapes grown in Eastern Washington. The grapes are gently handled and fermented for 30 days. The slight residual sugar in the wine is natural and comes from arresting fermentation. The wine is aged for 6 months and the carbonation is added during the kegging process. Vineyards are located in Washington State. The grapes are grown in soil that is wind-blown loess on basalt bedrock. The bouquet is floral with tropical fruit. Notes of pear, green apple, quince.

Prickly Reisling, Frisk Wines, Alpine Valley ($675)

This zippy Riesling is floral and weighted, with notes of lime sorbet, rose petals and a hint of fennel. With its racy verve, subtle complexity and just a tinge of sweetness, it’s a perfect companion for both sweet and spicy dishes… or simply on its own. Refreshingly complex on the palate.

 Blanc du Bois, Infinite Monkey, Colorado ($625)

Crisp apple and bright acid combine with the perfect level of fizzy fun in this méthode champenoise sparkling wine. Infinite Monkey’s Bubble Universe is a showstopper featuring notes of crisp orchard fruits, kaffir lime, and white blossoms.