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``Pulling taps is the new popping bottles!``

The first-of-its-kind in the US, The Bubble Tap Trailer by Tap Trailer Co. is a fully renovated vintage camper trailer that has been converted into a mobile bar serving Prosecco and wine on tap. The self-contained trailer is compact in size and fits into most event spaces, making it perfect for parties, events, and weddings, as well as large festivals and public events. There are no bottles to open or dispose of and the best part, no waste (because wasting alcohol should be a crime.) Add an element of surprise to your event with The Bubble Tap Trailer!


Tap Experiences

Our mobile tap trailers are at the heart of Tap Trailer Co. Beginning with The Bubble Tap Trailer, a “first-of-its-kind” vintage camper trailer serving bubbly and wine on tap, next in line are The Cocktail Tap Trailer (January 2019) and The Micro Tap Trailer (February 2019). A complete line of indoor tap experiences is in the works as well. Stay tuned!


Bar Catering

While bubbly on tap may be our specialty, we also offer full bar catering! Through our exclusive partner provider, we cater wine, beer, and spirits. Services include mixology, permitting, rentals, and staffing. We’re the only stop you need to make for your bar catering needs. Tap Trailer Co. works with LA’s top mixologists to create a unique beverage experience for you and your guests.


Festival Operations

Are you a festival owner or operator? Are you part of a public event that you would like to add a beverage experience to for guests? Tap Trailer Co. is well versed in running public bar operations, large and small. We execute all aspects of the bar operations, from concept design and permitting to inventory management and staffing. Let us bring an experience that will elevate and add value to your event.

our clients

Whether it’s an intimate dinner for friends, a wedding for 300 or festival with thousands of attendees, Tap Trailer Co. will help you design a memorable beverage experience for your event. Learn more about our Bar Catering and Operations services.
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Our Leadership

Tap Trailer Co. is led by a team of beverage industry professionals with decades of experience in sales, marketing, and entertainment.

Keep Up With Us On The Road

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